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The integrated tool for Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization

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LIONoso 2.1, developed by LIONlab, is a comprehensive Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization tool for non-profit research and academic use.
LIONoso is the ideal tool for the rapid development of prescriptive analytics applications.
Some checks are omitted for complete freedom in training and experimentation, as appropriate in academic and research environments.
It is appropriate for researchers and practitioners who "know what they are doing" and like to push the envelope of the LION way.
If you are interested in business (for profit) applications, contact us for licensing components of LIONoso.

In addition to the ML and optimization tools, advanced users adopt it for orchestrating heterogeneuos components. Orchestration deals with automating processes, with the arrangement, coordination, and management of complex software components connecting data, experiments, simulators, models, decisions.
Many use cases and samples from the LION community pages take advantage of this software's powerful and simple interface.

LIONoso is being used for the "Learning from Data" course by Caltech professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa.

Download and run LIONoso 2.1 as follows:
  1. Get the installation package of LIONoso 2.1 here:
    • Windows: [64 bit] [32 bit]
    • Mac OS X: [64-bit Intel]
            Upon first execution, the program might ask for permission to install Java.
    • Linux: [32 bit] [64 bit]
            The Linux version is experimental: it may need glibc>=2.14, OpenGL (e.g., libfreeglut and dependencies),
            a Java virtual machine (e.g., openjdk), GTK libraries,
            native drivers for accelerated video card (otherwise graphics can be very slow).
  2. Obtain a free non-profit license by email by filling in the form below. Insert the key that you will receive by email into the appropriate field in the splash screen.
  3. A suggested companion to learn the tools in LIONoso is the book THE LION WAY: Machine Learning plus Intelligent Optimization

Support material for orchestration and database access

Many users adopt LIONoso for connecting to databases and organizing complex workflows.

Orchestration of external components

Java interface classes for orchestrating external models and table factories (as demonstrated in LIONOSO ORCHESTRATION OF JAVA MODULES) are available below:

Database access

Classes for JDBC database access are provided by the the following database vendors:

Get your academic license

Why a free academic license? Because we hope to see the software used by many students and instructors everywhere and to receive a lot of constructive feedback. You may also be interested in contributing to our LIONcommunity . However, the free license is strictly personal and for non-profit academic usage only.

Please write your email address below, demonstrate to us that you are a student, a professor, or somebody involved in non-profit research and training activities, and you'll receive an email with your personal license key. If you are interested in business (for profit) applications contact us for licensing components of LIONoso.

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